5 Ways to Support Your Parents as They Age - Quick Telecast 5 Ways to Support Your Parents as They Age - Quick Telecast 5 Ways to Support Your Parents as They Age - Quick Telecast
Support Your Parents

5 Ways to Support Your Parents as They Age

Watching your parents grow old can be quite hard, but it’s something that most children go through. And while it may be difficult to see your parents start to struggle with things that they once found easy, many people may be able to find the silver lining – which is that aging means you get to spend more time with your parents.

Of course, as parents age, their roles and those of their children often switch, with children needing to take care of their parents. How you support your parents as they age will depend on both your and their situations as well as your relationship with each other, but if you need a starting point, this post will be walking you through a few ways that you can support your parents as they grow older.

Help them to stay healthy

While health should always be a priority, there’s no denying the fact that seniors may need to pay more attention to their health because they often have a higher risk of health issues.

This is why you should try to help your parents live a healthy lifestyle and monitor their health. This could mean taking them to doctor’s appointments, going for walks with them, or even looking into medical alert systems, which can be especially helpful for parents who live alone.

Visit them

You need to remember that supporting someone doesn’t necessarily always mean you have to make grand gestures. In fact, it’s often the small things that count the most.

Sometimes, supporting your parents simply means being there for them, so try to regularly visit them. Not only will this give you some insight into how they are doing, but it will likely also improve their mental health a lot. It can be hard to make the time to see your parents if you live a very busy life, but if it’s something that you feel strongly about, you may want to look into some time management tips so that you can get your day-to-day tasks done and still make time for your parents.


You need to understand that not all parents are alike, so what works for one child and their parents may not work for another. Instead of assuming what your parents want and need or what you can do to support them, you should seriously consider simply having an adult conversation with them.

These conversations can, at times, be difficult and uncomfortable, but they will allow you to offer your parents the support that they need.

Make life easier for them

If your parents are still relatively young and independent, they don’t need you to do everything for them. Instead, you can support them by making life easier for them.

Luckily, there are many ways to do this. For example, if your parent is bored, get them a subscription to a streaming or audiobook service. If they struggle to get to the pharmacy each month, have their prescriptions delivered to their door. And if their cost of living is getting too much and you have some extra money to spare, you can also offer to help them out financially.


When our parent’s age, it’s easy to think that we know what’s best for them – even better than they themselves may know. And while this may sometimes be true, it’s not always the case. And of course, it remains their life, so they should get a say in what happens to them.

This is why it’s so important for you to learn how to compromise so that you both feel satisfied with the outcome. For example, you may want to put your parent in an old age home, but they may want to live in the house they’ve always lived in. Instead of getting into an argument, try to compromise by asking them if they would consider downscaling to a smaller place.

This way, you are supporting their decision to be independent, but you are also giving yourself peace of mind by knowing that they won’t have as much on their plate. Compromise can be hard, but it often helps you to support your parents.

In conclusion

Seeing your parents grow old can be difficult for both you and them, but you need to understand that there’s not much you can do. Sadly, you can’t stop time.

That being said, what you can do is support your parents and be there for them. Helping them adjust by their life easier will already make a big difference for them, and hopefully, this post gave you some insight into how you can do that.


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