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A third of recent cannabis users say they have driven while high: government survey

Despite public awareness campaigns and law enforcement training to deter marijuana-impaired driving, a third of Canadians who’ve recently used cannabis say they’ve been behind the wheel after consuming, according to a new government survey. The online survey, conducted in January 2022 by EKOS for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada and recently posted online, says […]

High Concept Sci-Fi Thriller Enters Production

The production of a new, high-concept science-fiction thriller called Monolith has started this week. The film will be a thrilling one-hander about a headstrong journalist played by Lily Sullivan. Her click-baiting investigative podcast will uncover a strange artifact, an alien conspiracy, and the lies that are at the heart of her own story. “The opportunity […]

Liberal candidate sees high gas prices as a good thing

Breadcrumb Trail Links Ontario Election Ontario Gas prices, and the cost of living in general, have been a hot issue with voters Publishing date: May 24, 2022  •  1 hour ago  •  1 minute read  •  26 Comments The Pioneer gas station on Gerrard St., near Main St., in Toronto, May 14, 2022. Photo by Ernest […]

Consumers compelled to buy coal at high prices to keep plants running: CCAI

Expressing concerns over consumers being compelled to buy coal at high prices just to keep their plants running, Coal Consumers’ Association of India (CCAI) has sought the government’s intervention to provide ailing industries a new lease of life. The statement comes amid certain parts of the country witnessing power outrages in the wake of fuel […]

High school track team suspended for promoting wearing sports bras

Article content The Albany High School girls’ track and field team was suspended after promoting a petition to wear sports bras instead of shirts during practice, according to the Times Union. Article content Albany School District Athletic Director Ashley Chapple reportedly asked members of the girls’ track team wearing sports bras to leave practice last week. […]