How to Upgrade Your Car – Without Upgrading Your Car - Quick Telecast How to Upgrade Your Car – Without Upgrading Your Car - Quick Telecast How to Upgrade Your Car – Without Upgrading Your Car - Quick Telecast
Upgrade Your Car

How to Upgrade Your Car – Without Upgrading Your Car

How to Upgrade Your Car


Thinking about upgrading to a better vehicle? Before you do that, consider if upgrading the technology inside it would make a cost-effective alternative.

Getting more cars for your money is not a skill we all possess. We often buy a new car, drive it home, and wonder if we have made the correct decision. Buying a car means splurging on a huge new investment, which brings with it a degree of financial uncertainty. Often, buyer’s remorse sends us back to the garage with a new list of expectations. However, some of us end up stuck with the car we chose, suitable or not.

Upgrade Your Car With These Auto Tech Additions

Here are some ways you can adapt your car with new tech upgrades. These upgrades should give you the quality of tech you find in new cars, at an affordable rate. Adapting your old car is cheaper, more effective, and can still bring a little luxury into your life.

Install Remote Entry

Getting rid of the keys altogether might not be possible, but you can ditch the door key and opt to install a keyless entry. By installing a remote car starter device, you can open the door by way of a fob. Unlike old fob systems, you do not need to swipe the key. Modern keyless car entry systems detect the fob when it is still meters away from the vehicle. They unlock the doors for you, ready to drive.

The Optimal Dash Cam

Stay safe on the roads and protect yourself from dangerous drivers with a high-tech dash cam. This is one gadget none of us can afford to drive without. Dashcam footage doesn’t’ dissuade dangerous drivers, but it does catch them in the act. It could protect you from a lifetime of high premiums on your car insurance and you can buy it for buttons. You can browse reviews on dashcams here if you need inspiration.

Add Alexa or Google

Make your old car into a smart car by making the functions you use the most voice-activated. Ask Google for help as you drive, plan for traffic jams, and never become lost again. Alternatively, add an Alexa Auto system and have her read your novel to you, while you drive. You can even sync your Apple devices with your car. Smart cars are easy when you have a few thoughtful upgrades to tech on hand.

Add a Reverse Camera

It’s one thing to place a dash cam up front with you, but rear-view parking cameras or sensors will change your life. You will begin to wonder how you ever managed without it. Rear parking cameras allow you a clear view of what is behind you. Some even come with sensors installed, which can tell you how far away you are from the closest object. These cameras may produce a noise that tells you when you are too close to exterior objects. It can’t park for you, but it makes it as easy as possible to avoid fender benders in the parking lot.


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