Irish Bucket List: 10 Amazing Ways to Explore Ireland - Quick Telecast Irish Bucket List: 10 Amazing Ways to Explore Ireland - Quick Telecast Irish Bucket List: 10 Amazing Ways to Explore Ireland - Quick Telecast

Irish Bucket List: 10 Amazing Ways to Explore Ireland

A trip to Ireland promises many exciting sights, from beautiful sceneries to engaging cultures. Unique private tours of Ireland cover exciting regions like Galway, Killarney, Belfast, Cork, and Dublin. These areas have unique and interesting attractions that you should see to complete a comprehensive tour of Ireland. Check out some of them below:

Check Out Natural Attractions

Ireland has so many natural attractions that you may need help choosing one. If you have enough time, check out as many of the notable ones as you can. Ensure attractions like the Cliffs of Moher, Carrick-A-Rede bridge, Croagh Patrick, and the Giants Causeway are at the top of your list. No trip to Ireland is complete without a visit to a few of these attractions.

Cliffs of Moher 

Cliffs of Moher 


Visit Historic Spots

Ireland is an old country that has managed to preserve many of its most important historical monuments. Tourists flock to visit these spots, and you should not be left behind. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Dingle or immerse yourself in the rich history of Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city. These cities have a few activities that will make your time there memorable.



Go Town Hopping

A comprehensive Ireland tour will include a few notable cities. Most tour packages include popular tourist sites like Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, and Galway. However, you can personify your route if you are traveling alone. Whichever option you choose, ensure you visit as many Irish towns as possible before leaving. Trains in Ireland are high-speed and provide convenient transportation for town hopping.

Take a Walk or Hike

One of the most notable things about Ireland is the serenity of the country. There are so many relaxing spots around, and the landscape is sure to charm you. One way to appreciate all the beauty around you is to walk around. If you love more physically-demanding activities, you can hike one of Ireland’s famous hiking trails.

Relax at the Beach

Ireland is not all about admiring the greenery. The country has many enchanting water bodies that you will love to see. Lakes are admittedly more popular, but there are also beaches around that will allow you to kick back and relax from the stress of your daily life. If you are in Dingle, you should check out Inch Beach, where the sight has drawn many visitors, including entertainment content creators.

Inch Beach

Inch Beach

Dine with the Locals

Irish locals are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Therefore, it would be a shame to visit the country without experiencing that firsthand. You should take some time to share a meal with the locals where you are staying. Each area has special cuisines to delight your palate and drinks to complete the entire meal. While doing that, engage them in conversations about their customs and share a few things from yours, if you can.

Learn of their Customs

Ireland’s rich culture is evident in most places you visit. However, you can be deliberate about learning these customs instead of leaving it to chance. You learn by asking questions from your tour guide or conversing with locals wherever you go. You can also read about Irish culture in some books in the libraries. Alternatively, you can attend festivals to experience some of these customs first-hand.


Visit the Museums

Another place to learn about Irish culture and customs is in museums. Ireland has a few of those with relics that tell stories that would have been otherwise forgotten. Check out Kilmainham Gaol, the Irish Emigration Museum, Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, and the Irish Potato Famine Exhibition. You may not be able to visit them all in a single trip, but you should include them on your Irish bucket list.

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Visit a Pub

What is an Irish bucket list without a visit to a pub? These are local relaxation spots where you can mingle with locals and enjoy the original atmosphere of traditional Irish settings. These relaxation spots serve local drinks, play local music, and give you the environment you need to immerse yourself in Irish culture.

Read in a Library

Reading may be the last thing you think of doing on your holiday, but you should try it out. There is something about reading in some of the oldest public libraries in the country that will excite any bibliophile. Browse the extensive collections of Marsh’s library or Trinity College’s Long Room Library. You can ask the librarians for assistance in picking out the books with the most influence on history or culture.


This list is not exhaustive, so you can try a few other things. You can ask your tour guide for tips on the best places to try out some of the suggestions on this list. If you are traveling privately, ask locals for recommendations and be flexible with your plans.



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