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Know Astrology Opinion! Is Love Marriage Better or Arrange Marriage?

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As someone rightly said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” We believe to be it arranged or love marriage astrology prediction, both require compatibility of people more than signs and if you think you are old enough to get married or not but are eager to find out what kind of marriage you would have? You are at the right place, SUVICH : The real astrology.


What are Arranged Marriages?

The oldest way to get married in India has arranged marriages, this is where the parents find a suitable bride or groom for their children when they usually reach the age suitable to get married through people they know or through the family.

What are Love Marriages?

Something not very unpopular, in India but love marriages have caught in India also as people are advancing with the generations to come, parents believe marriage is an important part of a person life, and they let their children pick their life partner, maybe a high school sweetheart or someone they have been with for a long time.

Be it either we will help you through the process and make it easier for you to make a decision. We have got to you arrange marriage or love marriage astrology quickly. We compare birth charts to help for marriage horoscope by date of birth we perform love marriage prediction by name.

Arranged Marriage in Vedic Astrology

First, let us talk about the arranged marriage in Vedic astrology. According to the predictions and astrology, every marriage that happens has a few parameters or determinants on which the marriage astrology is predicted. Let us discuss them.

The primary determinants are houses, houses where the planets reside. The male and female have a few particular houses that are compared to decide their compatibility; although the planets might vary for every individual the crux is the same. The 7th house, the 7th Lord – that is Venus for males and Mars or Jupiter for females; these planets, their power, and position usually determine the success of the marriage.

Besides the 7th house, the 2nd house and the lord and 11th house and the lord should also be examined before arriving at the decision and see if the houses are in sync with each other as both houses have their significance and if the lords of these houses are making a relation with the Sun or the Moon, the marriage is said to be arranged by the parents.

The strength of the planet and placement of Mars is checked when deciding the female horoscope online, If the 2nd, 7th, and 11th house lords are in synergy with Mars there is a chance that there is a brother involved in the carrying of the arranged marriage and if the house lords are in sync with Mercury then there is a chance of a maternal uncle being involved in the happening of the wedding and if the planet is Jupiter then it could be an elder in the family.

Love Marriage Yoga in Horoscope

In the same sense that there are houses dedicated that indicate an arranged marriage in a horoscope, similarly, the 5th house is dedicated to Love, Romance, and Marriage, and when they are both present with sync in their house lords, it is love marriage on the cards for the boy and girl. The effect or alignment of planets such as Venus, Mars, or the Moon on the 7th House will then provide you with your ideal partner.

Next, we must pay attention to the sun, Venus, which represents love and romance, and compare it to Rahu and the Moon of the 5th, 7th, and 12th houses. Now if the planet Venus is aligned in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, or the 12th house it is possible that you have a love affair and there is love marriage on the cards.

The next planet we will talk about is the moon, the moon is generally said to have an effect on our mind and the way we act and think and it depends on its position in the various houses and if the moon and Venus come into synergy it causes the mind to think about love, it is only logical that it happens to keep in mind the effect both of the planets have on us and with the right placements of them in the houses, you can get married to the person you love the most as it makes you pay interest to any sex that you are attracted too. Now the position of the Moon is supposed to be in the 5th, 7th, or 12th house, the chances are that you would marry a partner of your own choice.

As we observed the planetary movements and placements play a key role in determining what type of marriage you would have but then sometimes there could be other reasons when you know the type of marriage but cannot find the person with potential, There might be a wrong planet trying to create synergy in your 7th house with Venus or it could be the Venus that embodies your spouse which is weak and there could be the presence of malevolent planets like Ketu Saturn in your 7th house like I previously pointed out.

Although, when it comes to marriage, Venus and Jupiter play an essential role. They help in predicting the time of marriage, and like I mentioned one of the reasons for delayed marriage, is a weak Venus it could cause a late marriage due to the timing problem. However, a proper analysis of your birth chart would help you eliminate and free out any such problems. Maybe find a solution to them and help you have an eventful and happy marriage through SUVICH : The real astrology.

Since there is a lot that lies in astrology that normally cannot be determined since it is not just a superstition but astronomy because we know our body functions’ are aligned with the planetary movements and they differ for people born at different times on different days, all this is considered for a good reading of birth charts regardless of it being a  love marriage astrology or an arranged marriage astrology.

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