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India has plenty of mountains and it is considered a hub of mountains and trekking. India has a vast Himalayan range. Indian people are fond of trekking because it teaches us patience and persistence and it gives us an amazing adventure experience. and it has major benefits also. It improves physical health. It improves lower blood pressure and helps with cardio. Mountains teach us why the environment matters to humans. Continuous Trekking helps us teach that when we take the first sip of water it will be the best water we have ever tasted, so I can say trekking teaches us to enjoy the smaller luxuries of life. Here we will discuss the top 5 treks in India.


Without a doubt, Dzongri Trek is one of the most difficult treks in India. Dzongri Trek offers a 360-degree view of the entire Sikkim and Darjeeling. If you wish to see the Kangenchujuna up close then the Dzongri trek is the best option to go. This trek will offer you a beautiful view of SimvoPandim, Kabru, and Rathong.

Dzongri trek starts from the NJP/Bagdogra to Yuksom by traveling 160km by car and it takes 8-9 hours to reach. Trekkers need to reach by 10 am at Dzongri top to enjoy the sunrise. While Enjoying Dzongri Trek You will walk through the dense forest and temperature

We can enjoy the Dzongri trek throughout the year but if you want to enjoy a blossom and vibrant view then trekking in the month of April-may will be a good option. The Dzongri Trek is all about the journey that you will enjoy, obviously the destination is a dream but the journey will give you an exciting adventure than a dream drive.


Markha valley trek is one of the moderate- difficult treks in Ladakh. This trek passes through the villages surrounded by the mountain. The Kongmaru La has a spectacular view of Kang yates peak. If you want to explore the everyday life of locals then taking the homestay will be the best option. 

Markha Valley Trek starts from the chilling at the altitude of 10490 feet, Markha valley trek is famous for its remote villages, mud houses, and Buddhist monasteries. Markha trek can be reached easily from Leh because it is situated in between Rumbak and Nimaling. 


Multi Hue Tibetan markets and Buddhists Monasteries

➤You will get the opportunity to stay in remote villages and you can interact with local inhabitants.

➤The camp will be in the starry sky at scenic

➤ Picturesque trek for nature lovers and photographers.


Kedarkantha Trek is a peak and it offers you the best panoramic view. If you are a traveler and nomad then heading off to the Kedar Kantha trek can be a good choice. Kedarkantha trek is considered one of the popular winter treks, it gets covered by sparkling snow during winters, Kedarkantha trek offers a breathtaking view of the Himalayan peak. Kedarkantha Trek is a moderate trek. Only the uphill trek and camp need little strength, except the winter season. 

Winter trek could be harsh although it is a popular trekking destination and it is open throughout the year so the Kedar Kantha trek difficulty can vary depending upon the weather. If we are going on the Kedar Kantha trek we will have to cover 10 km to reach the summit. The trek starts from the village Sankri at an altitude of 6500ft.

The entire trek can be completed in 5-6 days. If you have never gone on a trek then You should start with the Kedarkantha trek because the difficulty level of Kedar Kantha is easy to moderate.


Milam Glacier is one of the biggest glaciers in Uttarakhand from where the Gauri Ganga river emanates. If you visit there you would certainly take breathtaking pictures. This trek actually begins from Munsiyari and Munsiyari is nested in Pithoragarh. The visitors would stroll with dense forest and chestnut. There is Nanda Devi and Hardeolpeak which are perfect for sightseeing and it gives a relaxing feeling to tired souls. You can visit Milam Glacier in the month between May to September to enjoy the amazing beauty of this place.


Stok Kangri Trek is the highest mountain in the stock range of Zanskar mountains; it is a trans-Himalayan mountain in Ladakh. It stands at 20100ft. And Stok Kangri is higher than the mountains of Europe Mt. Elbrus at18510 ft. Stok Kangri trek is a popular trek despite its high altitude. Stok Kangri trek is located in Hemis National Parkin village of stock and around 15 km of the Leh. Stok Kangri beats the two highest mountains across two different countries.

The only challenge during the summit day is,  you have to be strong to brave the zero degrees temperature. Although Stok Kangri trek doesn’t need any technical experience, it is meant for beginners. but the Peak of Stok kangri summit is made only for experienced trekkers who want to test their limits. You need to have strong physical fitness.  The view of the Stok Kangri trek summit is worth watching.


Goechala trek is a difficult trek. It is an 8-9 days difficult trek that requires climbing to a height of 4600 meters. The climb is steep and the trek starts at dawn and dusk. Goechala Trek requires physical fitness and you must have prior experience of trekking. 

Goechala trek is at a height of 16207 ft. You can enjoy a close look at Mt. Kanchenjunga. The sunrise view from the Dzongri top of Kanchenjunga looks beautiful. To watch the mountain clearly, April and May are the ideal months. You can enjoy the mesmerizing look of flora and fauna there. Goechala Trek has two summits. Which makes it more adventurous. 

Goechala is a perfect balance of natural beauty and flora and fauna. So if you are planning for trekking and you want to satisfy your trust in adventure, get going with the Goechala Trek. 



The best mode of transport and trekking can be done by any trekker depending upon their expertise and feasibility and convenience that take you through all the easy and difficult treks.

Indian Himalayan spans over six states and Jammu, Leh-Ladakh, Himachal, Uttrakhand, Sikkim have always been adventurous places where we can explore the unimagine beauty of nature.

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