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What are the main Disadvantages of the Internet?

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The advent of technology has made time move faster. Now most people have less time at their disposal because of their preoccupation with activities related to the internet. While doing office work, they often get distracted by various notifications they keep receiving through the internet. This affects their work because they need to meet the strict deadlines, and to cover it up they do their office work at home.

It is a Big Distraction

So, even at home, instead of enjoying family time, they are stuck with their laptop. As a result, they find it difficult to maintain balance between their personal and professional life. Of late, this is causing a lot of tension and conflict among families. There is no doubt that the internet is a great platform as it plays a crucial role for our personal as well as professional growth. However, we should use it for more important things instead of getting distracted.

The Internet has become one of the most important technologies in our everyday work. Almost everything in our daily life is being done with the help of the internet right from paying electricity bills, to booking for flight and train tickets, to scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, to being connected with the family.

Although the internet has many benefits, like everything in the world, it has its flip side too. It is the cause of many health problems like increased blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, and also mental depression. Besides, it can also cause migraines due to the excessive use of the internet. Many internet users complain of migraine and are advised to reduce their use of the internet. It is directly proportional to the time spent on their computer screen but at the same time, it is not easy to get rid of this addiction.

Internet Affects You Physically and Mentally

Thus, it is common for heavy net users to be suffering from headaches and migraines. The pressure it puts on eyes is obvious because the more you look at the screen for surfing, the more your eyes have a negative impact. This is especially prevalent among those who surf the internet on their mobile lying on the bed. Even doctors say that one should avoid using mobile or any other device lying in the bed because it puts extra pressure on eyes.

If you are sitting for long hours to watch movies or play online games, such an addiction is bad for your back pain. There are many people who sit for hours in front of computers, and develop chronic back pain. These days, instead of playing with friends on the sports ground, people either stay at home and watch online videos all the time.

Even youngsters have very few outdoor activities because they prefer being online. The lack of physical activity has made them obese. Gone are the days when teens assembled in the local ground or Neighborhood Park to play games like cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Kho Kho and badminton. Now they are hooked on online games that are full of violence and inappropriate content. They not only play games but also discuss it in the classrooms.

It Causes Loss of Self-esteem

The Internet is used by people from all over the world who keep posting pictures of their beautiful houses, swanky cars, and interesting lifestyles. Although grown up people do not get easily distracted, it is young people who get affected by such ostentatious displays of wealth. They do not realize that what they see on these virtual mediums may be the result of photo shopping or editing and start thinking that their life is dull and boring in comparison and often suffer with low self-esteem. They lose confidence and develop a flawed personality.

Internet is Flooded with Dangerous Games

There has been a trend of dangerous online games like Blue whale where admins assign bizarre tasks to young children. These tasks are supposed to be collected in 50 days. Sometimes these tasks are so demanding that teens either commit suicide or get killed while trying to perform perform such tasks. There are curators who continuously put peer pressure on young children to complete the task. In Russia, hundreds of children died because of this online game.

Cinnamon challenge is another online game where participants have to consume cinnamon, but are not allowed to drink water for almost a minute. Such a thing can make your mouth dry and cause breathing problems. In some cases, people even die because of lung collapse. There is still another challenge where young children are asked to consume detergent pods. You can imagine what may happen as a result of such dangerous challenges.

One of the disadvantages of being online for a long time is the tendency to get distracted by slightest noises. Even a small beep on their mobile creates a strong desire to check their messages. Keeping mobile next to you while sleeping can prevent the natural process of sleep and cause insomnia. Seeing pictures of others on exotic locations can lower self-esteem.

It Causes Stress and Conflict in the Family

People deliberately create a fake online image to attract the attention of a large number of followers. While those who are living a simple life often get frustrated after they see other people celebrating and enjoying themselves. The internet has also created a gulf between family members. All this leads to depression and mental problems among users. Excessive use of the internet has brought a negative impact on the relationship among family members. Things have deteriorated so much that now we have social media platforms such as Connect App providing round the clock counseling.

People have become so engrossed in connecting with their distant friends and relatives that they start neglecting their children and family members. Messenger and dating applications have also given rise to extramarital affairs. Couples often fight with each other which impact their children and family. People often connect with each other on social media platforms and gradually start meeting in person. They fall into relationships without realizing that they have a family back at home and by indulging in such activities, they are putting their happiness into jeopardy.

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